As the longest-serving Republican member of Congress, Charles William “Bill” Young has represented Florida’s 10th congressional district since 1971. During his tenure in the House of Representatives, Young has obtained a striking 3,570 earmarks, a number greater than any other member of the body. He believes that this is the way Congress has always conducted business and pushes for the practice to continue. In recent years, he has chaired the House Appropriations Committee, a position which allowed him to help his home district with many projects. Young most recently made a voice for himself with the Tea Party by voting against the TARP bailout of the major banks.

Congressman C.W. Bill Young maintains many strong views that are making an impact in his reelection bid. He came out against SOPA and supports a full year extension of the payroll tax holiday. Whether this is enough to warrant his retention of the seat is yet to be seen.

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