Incredible Daniel Webster was born on April 27, 1949, and is the Republican US Representative for central Florida’s 8th congressional district. He’s been serving since January 3, 2011. He defeated the incumbent Democrat, Alan Grayson, by an 18% margin in the November 2010 election. Webster has served 28 years in the Florida state legislature. He was first elected in 1980.

In 2008 Webster sponsored SB 2400 in the Florida Senate, that requires all women planning to undergo an abortion receive an ultrasound, but giving them a choice of whether to see the live images of the fetus. Webster argued that it would give women more medical information prior to receiving an abortion, and said if that changed some women’s minds, it would make him happy. Opponents said the measure would be an invasion of privacy. The bill did not pass the Senate at that time, but later became law. He has also sponsored a lot of other things. He’s going for reelection.

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