If you don’t support health care reform, you want me to die.

First off, I just want to remind everyone that the “HEALTH CARE BILL”  will be the “HEALTH CARE LAW” within about 48 hours. It’s over. Done. Deal with it, you selfish bastards who don’t support it.

Now, the reason I point out that you want me to die is because you do. You would rather the insurance companies continue denying me coverage, preventing me from getting the necessary medical care that will save my life.

Do we like being the only advanced country in the world without universal coverage? The only one to let people die because of money? According to the United Nations we are the 27th best country as far as health care. While we have advanced procedures and technology, unless you have the money to pay for it, you are screwed.

Cost? 45,000 people die each year from lack of medical care in the United States according to the American Journal of Public Health. Now, let’s see — a little over 3,000 people died on 9/11. We decided to spend at least $3.7 trillion on two wars to prevent that from happening again. But really, we can’t spend roughly the same to save the lives of 15 times that many? And this is happening each year.

Socialism? Seriously? If you use this argument, you have no idea what the hell socialism is. Unless you are a very staunch libertarian, you have no box to stand on. And if you are a staunch libertarian, I have one question: How much did you pay for that box? I like our socialist roads. I like our socialist fire department. I like our socialist military. I like our socialist schools. This is simply a loaded word used by people who don’t even know what they’re talking about.

Public health! It’s funny, because if you are the most selfish bastard on the planet and don’t really care about your fellow man’s ability to survive — I say fine. You’re a douche, but fine. Think about yourself. With a lack of health care for everyone, someone can come down with a disease like tuberculosis. They don’t have insurance so they don’t go in for care for a while. During the weeks without diagnosis, they are walking around, spreading the disease to everyone they meet. Including you. Now, instead of protecting yourself from a communicable disease, you’ve decided to save money and take a chance that you won’t bump into someone in the mall, or on the bus, or on an airplane, or at a movie theater. You are one smart cookie…with tuberculosis.

When countries like Mexico, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan offer health care to every citizen some form of care that won’t make them go bankrupt. Seriously, Pakistan! A country embroiled in basically a civil war allows its citizens to go to the doctor if they have a broken arm or diabetes. The arm gets patched or the diabetes gets cared for and the citizen goes home all the better for it. They are able to work and continue providing adequate contributions to society. But in the U.S., we figure it’s better to let someone get sick, not get the care for their leg and ultimately end up on welfare. Sweet idea…but doesn’t that ultimately cost more.

Now, many of you feel like this is an attack on your freedom. However, if you have health insurance already, you are most likely working for some megalomaniac corporation that doesn’t care about you one bit. Very free. Problem is, the vast majority of people without insurance right now are people who own their own business like the American dream states. The upper class is covered with great plans. The lower class is already covered through Medicaid. But small business owners make too much money to qualify for government assistance and have no power to leverage the insurance companies for reasonable coverage. So you basically care nothing for the actual freedom of millions of Americans who provide the backbone of society. Those who fix your plumbing or take care of your pets. This “attack” on freedom is simply an attempt to make sure that those who want to run their own show have some sort of power. Just like the Founding Fathers wanted.

Maybe you don’t think you need insurance. You’re wrong. My disease popped out of nowhere. So suffer millions of other Americans each year. Something will happen to you eventually. And then you’ll end up in a terrible position that could destroy everything you’ve built. You’ll lose your house, your car, your retirement, everything. That’s definitely a great way to save money and stimulate the economy — run everyone into the ground.

When I got sick a year and a half ago, I did nothing wrong. I simply faced down death and survived. Since the insurance companies did not want to pay for my care, I got stuck with a bill that nearly reached $100,000. I paid into the system for years and when I needed it, they said no. That’s the America without health care reform. Now we have no idea what this will ultimately do…at all. But that’s all legislation. If you don’t know that, you don’t know politics. This gives us a starting point. If something doesn’t work, we’ll fix it. That’s what we do. The heavy lifting is done and this will be remembered much like the passage of Social Security and Medicare are — as something that helps and protects people. Something that needed to happen to better the country as a whole. Either get on board or get hit by the train. We the people don’t stop for those who don’t care about the people.

Again, if you don’t support health care reform, you want me to die.

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