We all know that passing any form of meaningful healthcare reform will require compromise.  Major compromise is needed to reconcile the differences between the two Senate versions and then striking an accord with the House version of the healthcare bill.

By traditional ideals, Republicans and Democrats will find some common ground and hammer out their major differences.  Public option.  No public option.  Compromise is the lifeblood of successful politics—at least for the politicians.  The lion will lay down with the lamb.  But the result is often a bill that the politicians can claim they passed, just to earn reelection points, but which has its substance gutted by the need to please too many masters.

Achieving truly meaningful healthcare reform requires that politics be put aside and principle needs to stand up.  We don’t need more compromise for healthcare or to achieve anything else that’s important to this nation.  It takes courage–the kind that says damned if I do and dammed if I don’t.  I’m standing up for what I believe in.

Obama has talked about a progressive new concept for healthcare that would indeed bring change to the uninsured, underinsured and those paying skyrocketing premiums.  Well, the time for change has come, Mr. Obama.  It’s time for a little idealistic, “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” politics.  In case you never saw the old Jimmy Stewart movie, that’s where a politician takes a stand based on what’s right and what he believes in, not on what will get him re-elected.

America’s founding fathers never envisioned a nation of professional politicians who had one eye on an issue and the other on their election polls.  Rather, citizen politicians were envisioned as serving their country for a short term in government and then get back to their regular lives.

Truly, the time for change has come.

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