Consider the divisive political climate in the U.S. today.  Even more, consider how divided our society is in general.  We pit left against right.  Special interests vs. the public good.  We can’t agree to pass healthcare reform, reduce global warming or even improve gas mileage.

I believe one of the primary contributors to America’s unprecedented factionalism is because of the vitriol of right wing talk radio. Right is right and left is wrong and never the twain shall meet—thanks to talk radio. Hatred, half truths and intolerance are passed off as fact by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and others spewing assaults on any idea they don’t agree with.  While their followers blindly implement their warped ideals and drive an ever-widening wedge between left and right. They are the Gods of backward thinking.  And many of us believe them!

Achieving an information balance on the left has never been nearly as successful.  Air America for example, the radio network for the liberal point of view, never achieved the ratings numbers of the ultra-right talk shows and has gone bankrupt.  Perhaps that’s because liberals actually have the intelligence to discern trash-slinging from news.  So they seek to have their opinions cultivated in more stimulating and relevant mediums such as National Public Radio.

As long as millions of people are willing to accept sleaze as substance and warped opinions as fact, we will continue to be divided and afflicted by the cancerous spread of misinformation contributed to by right wing talk radio.

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