We have a Democratic president who abounds with charisma, energy and ideals. But after Obama, there’s a precipitous drop-off in Democratic leadership.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is a prime example of that leadership void. A complete opposite of President Obama, Reid’s personality could lead some to refer to him as the Senate Majority Wimp. Yet, he carries an enormous responsibility for the Democratic Party and the nation with compromise legislation for healthcare reform resting on squarely on his diminutive shoulders.

Is Reid up to the task?

As a quiet, soft-spoken man, Reid often comes across as wishy-washy and uneven in his leadership abilities. He has a public record of waffling on major issues. Reid recently changed his mind three different times in regard to his support for the public option, first being against it, then for it, then against it. He also flip-flopped on whether Guantanamo prisoners should be transferred to high-security prisons in the U.S.

But the real question is whether a man who seems to change his opinions based on the political wind really have the singular vision and political muscle to pass a compromise healthcare reform bill with substance? Reid’s task of achieving agreement between Democrats and Republicans, without completely gutting the promise of improved healthcare, is a daunting one.

When the chips are down, I think Reid will cave in to Republican compromise measures.  The result will be a healthcare bill that’s delivered to America DOA.

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