We can, and that includes our children.  Some people are hissing about the video the www.storyofstuff.com, which was designed to be used in schools—claiming that it is “un-American” and should be censored… because censorship is so American.

We as parents do a lot in the name of protecting our children—it’s one of our responsibilities, along with educating, guiding, and giving confidence.  We also have a tendency to seriously underestimate our kids, assuming that they cannot handle or process vital emotions like fear, guilt, or disappointment without scarring themselves.

Critics of this video rail about the fact that watching it made a 9-year-old afraid that buying Legos might hurt the earth.  If that student spent a few hours trying to see how their life might be impacting the world around them, and perhaps even became interested in learning more about the things they choose to buy, that’s “beautiful”—to coin Beck’s phrase.

Would a Lego-loving child experience disappointment at the thought of not having Legos?  Of course.  Do I yearn for the days of ignorance and bliss every time I use a paper towel instead of a cloth to clean up a spill?  You bet I do, but I try to choose the cloth, because I’ve had the opportunity to hear the various arguments and make my own decisions.  Don’t our children have the same, basic, American right?

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