Despair has a talent for spreading itself around, and while some feel encouraged to look on the bright side of the current economic recession, those whose lives have been ravaged often remain understandably cynical.

Perhaps the only universal silver lining is acknowledging a fundamental truth—the only thing that will never change, is the reality that things always change.  The very presence of movement can be comforting, even if it’s brought you into pain, because pain can’t last… nothing can, and if you take action, that just creates more options.

So, what are some of the benefits of an economic recession?

Each time an economic boom or bust drags consumers and investors in and out of painful circumstances, it’s another opportunity to learn and make better choices the next time around.  With enough chances, who knows what we can achieve!

The price of homes had risen far outside the means of most families, and the drop in value—while devastating to individuals—will translate into a greater good.

Tightening our personal belts has prompted many more of us to pay closer attention to governmental spending, and as any parent knows, a watched child only sometimes cheats and steals—the government is at the same developmental stage.

So consider this a test.  Let’s try to do better than we did on the last one, and know that there will be another one before we graduate.

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