The term “photographic proof” used to mean something, but these days, reality has been bent and butchered beyond recognition.  Who, where, and what do you want to be today?  Photoshop can make it happen, and while it’s no surprise that one’s appearance influences the perception people have of them, the public’s tenacious willingness to focus on it gets old fast.

Apparently there are more than two people who want to see “hot” pictures of Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, and others who get something from looking at photos of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with her lipstick smudged (how dare she appear disheveled in public?!).

If you do a Google image search of Pelosi, up pops a fistful of visual plastic surgery jokes, and Palin is no better off—watching helplessly as her head is attached to a bevy of scantily clad female bodies.  It’s no wonder so many Americans roll their eyes and turn away from the world of politics—it’s not unlike hearing a four-year-old insert the word “poopy” into every sentence and trying to remain interested and engaged.  Which brings me to conclude that, if a picture can be worth a thousand words, it would be nice if 999 of them were something other than “poopy.”

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