When the media reports a decline in unemployment, do you ever wonder why? Where did the 20 thousand jobs come from?

It doesn’t necessarily mean that these people found a job,  it just means that they are no longer receiving unemployment or have not yet started receiving there unemployment.  Some people have found some sort of work, but for many there unemployment benefits have simply ran out and they are just out of luck. For others they may still be waiting for a decision on there benefits.

In some states it takes weeks and even months before one starts receiving there benefits or to find out if they are declined for there benefits.  The system definitely has it’s flaws. I would love to here comments from all my fellow citizens out there who have been unemployed for sometime now and are no longer receiving unemployment benefits, and those who have been waiting for there benefits to begin for more than just a couple of weeks.   For that fact I welcome comments from all.

By Julie O’Brien

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