The auto industry has had a large impact on the us economy for years,  long before there was a recession there were plant closings and layoffs impacting  Michigan’s economy.  The auto industry has been a large part of Michigan’s work force.

Thousands of jobs have been lost and the  impact is felt across the country,  from the suppliers who have to layoff workers, to the dealerships that have to close. As well  as the auto manufacturers themselves.  As the job loss climbs and job availability declines families are forced to change there lifestyles.  This includes less spending which impacts the economy greatly.

More families have to depend on state and government programs to make ends meet, which in turn creates a need for higher taxes.  Many have lost there homes and many have left there state in search for jobs and maybe a lower cost of living.

There was a time when a man or woman had a little leverage in the job market, but those days are long gone I believe.  If you didn’t like the conditions or the benefits at your current job,you could walk across the street and find a better deal.  Now!  if your one of the lucky ones who still have employment you appreciate it,  and hope that your job is not next.

By Julie O’Brien

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