There is a new commercial out that is designed to make me angry about proposals at the state and national levels to help pay for healthcare (and generally raise revenue) by taxing soda and sweetened “juice” drinks. This is the second run of commercials paid for by the soda lobby in an attempt to sway public opinion against such taxes. When these commercials first appeared, they so annoyed me that I immediately wrote to my congressman to say I was adamantly in favor of such a tax.

These commercials annoy me for several reasons. First, they presume to tell me what I should be angry about. This woman, a very responsible mother, tells us in her best concerned-adult voice that hard-working families pay enough taxes already (true) and that a soda tax is an affront to their plight (untrue). This is not a tax on whole wheat bread, or arugula; it is a tax on a luxury item that impairs cognitive function and contributes to obesity.

Second, drinking excess amounts of soda imposes a financial burden on others because it contributes to obesity-related illnesses such as type-II diabetes, and therefore, people who drink more soda should pay more of the hidden costs. Kelly Brownell, who co-authored an article on the subject for the New England Journal of Medicine, reports that obesity-related illnesses cost $79 billion annually and half of that is covered by Medicare and Medicaid. That means my tax money is paying for someone else’s supersized Mountain Dew.

Perhaps most annoying is the commercial’s insinuation that cola is part of the fabric of American culture—life, liberty, and the pursuit of a refreshing Coke. Wow, all this time, I thought American culture was about self-reliance and innovation and it has really been about saving a few cents on a drink that will make me fat and sick. The good news is that the commercials are a symptom that the tax is relatively popular. So the tax is likely to happen eventually at either the state or federal level. And if you really want the soda without paying the tax, here’s what you can do: go to the grocery store, buy some club soda, mix in a lot of corn syrup and add coffee for caffeine and brownness. Enjoy.

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