Refreshingly, no.  The President and First Lady appear to be working hard to insure that Malia (11) and Sasha (8) get all the grand experiences and none of the media fall-out that seem to be a part of the lives of First Children.

Anyone making this argument is likely motivated by their relative youth.  Not since the Kennedys have there been such young children living in the White House.  Older First Children have always been fodder for judgment, and one might not hesitate to wag a finger at the Bush girls while simultaneously leaping to “protect” the innocence of Malia and Sasha Obama—who are in the press far less frequently than super-star tykes like Suri Cruise (3) or the Jolie-Pitt clan.

It only takes one glance at the creepy aerial photos taken of Sean and Jayden Spears-Federline’s 2nd/3rd birthday party to establish that the problem lies with the public’s insatiable need for intimate access into the lives of the famous, and not with the famous themselves.

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