Never mind what “works” or what “doesn’t” when it comes to sexual education.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  What else do we expect our schools to teach our children?

How to read?  Of course, if they can’t read a STOP sign or a warning label, they might endanger themselves.  How to do basic math?  Definitely, without the ability to add and subtract, someone could take financial advantage of them.  They’re taught how to participate in an election, and what to do if there’s a fire, but let’s go even further back.

We explain to our children that they’re teeth could decay if they don’t brush them, so how is that any different from supplying them with the cause and effect facts about sexual intercourse?  If the aim is to protect the child—be it their physical, emotional or spiritual selves—then why would you withhold the tools they need to make good choices?  Perhaps we should do away with reading and arithmetic, because they might make it possible for a child to purchase and read a racy book.

Remember, your child can’t make the right choice if they’ve been told that there isn’t one.

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