If you find the entire realm of political discourse exhausting at best, you’re not alone.  We, as human beings, aren’t built to function in a constant state of mental and emotional extremes, and as a result our brains redirect or shut down when they’ve had enough of something.

This can make keeping up with politics about as enjoyable as knocking one’s tooth out with an ice skate.  Why waste precious time and energy on a bunch of adults who seem to spend their time lying and bickering like children—without the cute factor?  The answer, while simple, may not be what you want to hear.

It’s our duty as people of this country.  The civics, whether you feel they work or not, are all we have.  As they say of the lottery, you have to be in it to win it, so even if the democratic system feels as reliable as the hope that someone will show up at your door with a check for a million dollars, the only way you’ll ever see a payout is if you step up and get involved.  Who knows, you might actually make a difference!

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