Watching coverage of the protesters who brought assault weapons to Health Care rallies, I found myself imagining how I might explain the choice to a child.

“Why do those people have those big guns?”

“Because it’s their right to have them.”

“Are they mad because someone told them they couldn’t have them?”

“No, they’re protesting Health Care reform.”

“Will Health Care reform make them have to give up their guns?”

“No, it will make the government pay for people to go to the doctor and get medicine when they’re sick.”

“Are they going to shoot someone?”

“I hope not.”

“Then why do they need their guns?”

“They don’t.”

That’s what it boils down to.  If you really want to be heard, try for a little continuity.  Unless you plan to let those big guns do the talking, leave them at home.  Next time you want to make a statement about the importance of your rights as a citizen of this country while surrounded by a crowd of innocent people, consider non-lethal alternatives—they get more respect.

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