Health Care debates have become a stage for the sob story.  People from all walks of life are coming forward to share their suffering.  It might take a while for each person to hear the case that cuts straight to their heart, but there’s no end to the variety.  It might seem full-proof, after all, who could watch a mother speak of her dead child and not come around?

Lots of people.  You may know someone, or be someone who feels indifference when faced with these tales of hardship and loss, motivated by the age-old belief that victims somehow bring their afflictions upon themselves.  They did the wrong thing, or didn’t do the right thing, and now they’re paying for it.

The truth is, no one understands a particular pain until it arrives on their doorstep, but it’s our ability to empathize that allows us to connect, and without it, we may find ourselves alone when it’s our turn.  So next time you find yourself turning away from someone’s suffering, try asking yourself what you can do before your own time is up.  You might find that compassion is the opposite of weakness.

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