Can we possibly benefit from this economic recession? Absolutely!  Because of the recession, we are rethinking how we spend our money and time…..Why not go camping for your family vacation rather spend $1,000 on a resort? Gather your towels and cooler and head to beach for the day. Let the kids pick some movies to rent and do your own   pretzel/popcorn snack mix.  Or how about having a big family “back to school” BBQ with some homemade ice cream?

Consider growing your own vegetables to save on the grocery bill. Peppers, squash, tomatoes, lettuce, and much more can be grown in containers (for those without yard space). For the suburbs or inner city areas, maybe you can get your neighbors working together with you on a “community garden”!  These are only a few easy and healthy ways in which more family time plus saving money can be priceless benefits of this economic recession.

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