obamaWhat exactly does Barack Obama’s Health Care Reform entail? The President makes it clear he wants every American to have affordable health care. But how do families living in and below the low-income to poverty-level afford health care when they currently rely government-provided free food and medical services? So, who will be foot the health care reform bills of those individuals?  President Obama insists that with his plan, you will have the choice of keeping your current doctor but that you will also have more options available with the health care reform. President Barack Obama’s 2010 budget for his Health Care Reform designates $635 billion over a ten-year period, to assist with financing the health care reform plan. With Barack Obama’s Health Care Reform plan, he intends to develop competition among Health Care Provider Agencies rather than allowing large Health Care Insurance companies monopolize the market. President Obama and his Health Care Reform plans to also lower expenses while at the same time raising the level of care quality.  Within this week or so, President Obama plans to explain and define his elusive Health Care Reform details.



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