Fact: 18 percent of Americans believe the Sun revolves around the Earth.

Fact: 10 percent of Americans believe that Obama was born in Kenya.

Right-wing groups have been touting that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya rather than Hawaii. Despite the fact that the President released a copy of his Hawaiian birth certificate, right-wingers believe that the information was forged using Photoshop.

Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961. There are two birth announcements in Honolulu newspapers of the era. Of course these were also forged because the conspiracy to make this low-income son of an immigrant the president immediately. A cabal of conspirators plotted the socialist takeover back in 1961 and chose Obama as the figurehead after his mom popped him out. Right. That makes sense. They picked a random kid from Kenya.

On top of this, why in the hell would his mother have traveled all the way to Kenya to have him? His mother and grandparents lived in Hawaii. His father basically ditched him and his mother by this point. But no, she traveled all the way to Kenya, specifically to make sure he was not an immediate citizen. Again, this makes no sense.

But, then again, neither does 18 percent of Americans believing the sun revolves around the Earth.

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