After a surprising gathering of healthcare moguls, President Obama announced his plan to reform healthcare in the United States. Even more surprising is the confident timeline he placed on the measure. Obama vowed by the end of 2009 to address three key issues related to US healthcare policy.

  • 1.) Reduce healthcare costs across the board.
  • 2.) Ensure that everyone still has a choice in their healthcare plan.
  • 3.) Guarantee every citizen of the US has access to an affordable healthcare plan.

It goes without saying that far right Republicans have scrutinized Obama for his plan, calling it “a certain gateway to socialism.” Others claim that the measure is long overdue, and that healthcare should be a basic and guaranteed freedom to every US citizen, just like education.

The fact of the matter is, there is no way to predict the effect a nationalized healthcare system will have. Obviously, the benefits of a healthier America are clear, however, achieving this status will require new regulations on large businesses that require them to provide a group healthcare plan. One must ask, in this volatile economy, will pushing more overhead cost onto mid-sized and large businesses open Pandora’s Box into a new level of recession, or will Obama’s motivation prove to be a remedy that America so desperately needs?

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