Class Warfare has been going on for some time and the end is
in sight.

In the last 4,000 to 6,000 years one war has never ended for people, class Warfare. At
any point in history there has been a struggle between those people who have
more power or money and those individuals that seek that power or find
themselves without enough goods for his or her own survival. Since man's
farming ability improved the collection of wealth, knowledge, and power became
the primary motivator for advancement of a city or society. However, and ironically,
while nations struggled for supremacy over others  their goals included either the 
education or withhold of education from the general public. Clearly stated, individuals 
with formal education ruled those without; nations with poor general education of
the masses often could not compete with more educated societies. For example,
Rome and Greek societies during their heights dominated many less educated
areas of Britain and Germany. This constant education advanced ideas and
theories of government, economics, and civil liberties.

Today in America we have a large amount of people with the ability to read, write,
and communicate his or her thoughts and feelings about any issue. Because of
this class warfare becomes a frequent conversation because of the times we find
ourselves in.  At this moment I shall describe
the average individual in society. Many people work 40+ hours a week at jobs
they despise, however, these people should not be blamed for these jobs because
they support his or her family in buying groceries, paying rent, and retirement
investments. These people are forced into working because they have responsibilities
and choose to participate in them. Such people do not have time for
revolutions, intellectual mind games or chatter against the company they work
for.  Yet, while these people exist so
does another kind, those who whole heartily believe in the cooperation they
work for. Some individuals accept the company line and rationalize his or her
experience with corporations, they believe in the corporations. This class of
people have been brainwashed.

This brings us to the rick people in America, and by this I hardly refer to doctors
and lawyers. Instead, businessmen who corrupt our souls and thoughts with ideas
of glamour, fame, and power. All lies. These people have no more power or fame
then ants in a magnifying glass, and these people control nothing. These
so-called people live within our own dreams, their power comes from our contention
and their money comes from off our backs. These people do not work or the work
they do can be performed by another. Ever person can be replaced and the demise
of the rich society with enrich all of us. Soon their domination shall end and
all people shall full understand the means of production are our own hands.
High society has been losing a war and soon we shall take our place as equals
among equals.

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