Government agencies are coming into U.S. citizens homes and telling them (citizens) what they are allowed to say or do.
This is going on, now.  -In New York.
Guess who is paying for it?
We (New Yorkers) are.
1st – we pay for school social workers; even though,
a) any teacher, principal, or, any other adult can call C.P.S.(“Child Protective Services”) if they believe a child/en are being abused.
b) the school’s already have a psychologist working there
2nd -a) we pay for a C.P.S. worker (someone without, a psychology degree) to make a brief assessment of whether or, not a child is being “emotional abused”-
and to tell us what their opinion is of what we are doing wrong (personally, I think we could get that advice for free, elsewhere – like, from those single people without, kids)
b) we are paying them to listen to every bit of “family gossip” a child can come-up with
c) we pay them to write down whatever, they chose to (though, they will claim to only be writing down the truth -gee, maybe, I’m wrong and am the only person to have ever heard a child lie or, a bit of gossip that wasn’t true!)
Either, way its coming out of your taxes.
3rd- a) we pay for a “family advocate” to come into homes and continue to try to learn about all the things we’ve said or, done(including, places we’ve been -whom we’ve talked to -who is the person we talked to- what are they like -what we do with are free time, what we do at work, what our strengths and weakness are -you know, “in the name of the children”)  Basically, an extension of what the C.P.S. worker does (“digging-up any dirt they can on you and on all those you know”) -they just seem to do it in a nicer tone.
b) While, we are paying for the “family advocate” – we are still, paying for the C.P.S. worker – as, the “family advocate” is required to report back to the C.P.S. worker(double the people -double the taxes)
4th- a) we pay for out-of-school therapy for the child (keep in mind we are also, paying for the school psychologist) -this, therapy is of course, with a Social worker.
5th- we are paying to keep the communication going(both, for their time and paperwork) between:
a) both “school” and, “out of school”
” psychologists”
b) “family advocate” and both
c) “family advocate” and C.P.S. worker
(Kinda’ reminds you of some sort of “brainwashing system” -“you may say this…,” “you may not say this..” -all connected to one system of government -perhaps, its just me.)
To be fair -you could find your own outside of school psychologist -but, than, again -if, you were born in this country and actually, had money to be able to afford to do this -then, chances are you could afford a lawyer -and they wouldn’t try (again, I said, “chances are”) to violate your Constitutional rights -with, a lawyer right there. Since:
Our 1st Amendment rights – being ignored.
Because, of N.Y. Governor David A. Patterson’s, “emotional abuse” law.
There are no boundaries to this law – it is a, “free all-access pass,” into our homes.
When, one expresses that this is Unconstitutional -government workers continue to violate your rights, “in the name of the children.”
Governor David A. Patterson is in violation of the United States Constitution for passing this law, according to the 14th Amendment,
and should be impeached.
Yet, nothing is being done about it.
Your taxes are paying for it.
People are afraid to say anything about it.
U.S. citizen’s are afraid to practice their own religion or, to speak freely in their own homes.
This is just the beginning of this law being put into practice.

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