With April Fool’s Day around the corner, we may have already begun plotting and scheming up new ways to prank our friends or family members. You might be planning on putting Tabasco sauce in a coworker’s coffee, sprinkling itching powder on the toilet seat or laying hundreds of tiny Dixie cups half-filled with water over every inch of your roommate’s bedroom floor (that was fun to clean up). With the realization that April Fool’s Day is just around the corner, I cannot help but wonder if AIG is pulling a fast one on the American people.

Upon the disclosure of bonuses being given to AIG employees, President Barack Obama and the American public have expressed outrage and disgust. Honest people are losing their jobs due to the financial crisis that is by no means any fault of their own. But, hey, I guess those that head the large financial institutions that are all partly responsible for the current state of the economy deserve to be rewarded for their effort, no matter how poor the effort.

We’ve seen these banks take advantage of the bailout money they have been so generously given far too much. From accusations that Northern Trust Bank threw lavish Los Angeles parties and concerts for employees after receiving a portion of the money to reports that Citigroup spent $50 million on a private jet after they received their cut of the bailout money, the American people should be more than aggravated. Although Citigroup claims they made plans to purchase the jet prior to the economic downfall, taxpayers are wondering why the purchase was not canceled and why the jet is still a necessity as the government tries desperately to breathe life into the tired financial industry.

Now with the latest mess, President Obama has asked Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to “pursue every legal avenue to block these bonuses.” Still, some argue that it will be challenging to stop the payments, as AIG claims the bonuses had already been promised. Although the taxpayers saved their jobs, it appears top executives will still be paid.

Here’s hoping that come April 1, 2009, AIG will issue a press release that reads: ‘APRIL FOOLS AMERICA! How could we really get away with using $165 million given to us by you, the American people, to hand out bonuses to our executives when the rest of America suffers so dearly as a result of their bad decision making, poor judgment and blatant irresponsibility?’

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