A devout Pentecostal, Marilyn Musgrave has been increasingly defending her position on a resolution sponsored by the Congresswoman to declare 2007 the “National Year of the Bible.”

Pointing out that the first amendment does not give you freedom from religion, the resolution called for the President to issue a proclamation demanding all citizens rediscover the Bible and encourage the Federal government to celebrate the year with Bible programs and ceremonies.

Religious proponents and most right wing conservatives called the idea preposterous and a waste of government time to attempt to pass the legislation.

“When I first started listening to D. James Kennedy on Truths That Transform,” she said, “I was so encouraged that there was a minister of the Gospel that said what was right and what was wrong, and what our responsibility was as Christians in this great nation.”

The resolution died in committee.

Musgrave is widely considered the most conservative member of Congress and is locked in a heated fight to retain Colorado’s 4th Congressional District House seat.

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