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Al Franken has come under continued scrutiny regarding a column he wrote for Playboy entitled “Porn-O-Rama!” The writings were about Franken visiting a fictitious sex institute and being educated about sexuality by various humans and machines.

Franken called it satire due to the fact that his profession is that of a comedian. However, Republican women were outraged when the articles came to light, issuing a letter to Franken’s campaign.

The letter read, “The words and descriptions you write about are beyond vulgar, they demean and degrade women as thoroughly and disrespectfully as any article we have ever seen, and we are horrified to believe that someone running for the U.S. Senate could have written them. This column shows flagrant disregard for women, and an extreme objectification of women as sex objects for your pleasure.”

Franken issued a public apology at the Minnesota Democratic Convention, saying he regretted writing the column.

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