The Minnesota Recount Trial with Al Franken and Norm Coleman seems to finally be winding down after a long seven weeks of testimony, as Franken’s lawyers will call their final witness today. Republican Norm Coleman is fighting desperately to overturn Franken’s 225-vote lead of about 2.9 million votes, and be re-elected to the United States Senate. Both Republicans and Democrats view the senate seat as extremely important and are fighting vigorously to capture it.

However there was a recent and interesting twist in the saga of the Minnesota trial, with the release of some off 51,000 controversial Coleman donors and supporters, and even their credit care information. Supposedly a hacker broke into Senator Norm Coleman’s web site sometime in January, but according to Coleman’s staff the donor information was never downloaded. However that seems to be untrue at this point because on March 10, 2009 a liberal online group called released the sensitive information on Coleman’s donors, including even the credit card information.

The web is now abuzz with claims and accusations against “liberal hackers,” while others are claiming that Russian or Chinese criminals could have been involved, and on Wikileak’s site they have their own version of the debacle. It is unclear where exactly the sensitive information came from at this point, but it is sure to be an interesting scandal and development to come in this already sensational trial.

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